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We LOVE our Grandparents!

posted Sep 17, 2015, 6:25 AM by Brett Fuhrmann
We were blessed to have 7 grandparents in person today and 2 more connected via Skype. The fourth graders had a lot of fun with our grandparents. They insisted on singing "Banana Hymn of the Redeemed" after our other songs. Then we had our "Then and Now" discussion. Some of the kids were amazed that there were pencils and TVs back in the day. 

We worked on scientific processes a little more with our science investigation, while we made hard boiled eggs float in H2O. The students measured out the salt that they added to the water. Many of them were surprised by how much salt they had to put in so that the density of the water would change. The 4th grade scientists have been working on thinking like scientists, so hopefully this will help it.

Field trip t-shirts came come home today. The kids can wear them anytime, but will specifically use them for field trips and field days at school.