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Monday August 18, 2014

posted Aug 19, 2014, 11:28 AM by Brett Fuhrmann   [ updated Aug 19, 2014, 11:30 AM ]

This week we will begin our spelling class with chapter 1. At the beginning of the week there are 2 assignments. The first assignment is to write the 20 words in the planner. That will be due Tuesday. I will also assign p15 from the spelling book, but that homework isn't due until Wednesday. On Wednesday we will take a pretest of our 20 words.  On Friday we will have the final test. If any student gets an A+ on the pretest, they will not have to take the test again on Friday.

We did a vocabulary activity with a partner today. The student's received a new word. They had to write its definition.  Then the partners had to choose 5 more things to find out about the word. They could find a synonym or antonym, use the word in a sentence, draw a picture about it, find some related words, write down the pronunciation guide, or find the etymology and history of the word. What was your student's word?

IXL with a device was fun last week, but we will return to the textbook today when we study math lesson 3. There will be problems from the book.  We will have a practice math test on Thursday. On Friday will be the real math test.

We began our volleyball unit, so you can ask your student how the bumping went. 

Monday folders will come home Monday. There will be 1 corrected paper as well as Scholastic book orders (unless your child brought those home over the weekend). Please look at the folder and sign or initial the paper next to August 18.

Parents do NOT have to sign the student planner each night, like you have done in the past.  It is time for your student to take another step towards more responsibility and independence and remember to do their homework and hand it back in!  It is always good practice to check things over with your student just as a way of communication with your student!